How does acceptance and rejection, trust and doubt influence a relationship? What does attention, understanding and selflessness mean in this context? The new piece Let Us Stay by Anita Twarowska and Murillo Basso is the second part after For The Two of Us. For Us All (premiere 2018 at fabrik Potsdam) of a dance trilogy. The performers remain true to the theme of interpersonal encounter and go a step further by exploring the motivations to maintain a connection. How far does one go to stay? And how great is the willingness to see and accept other people as they are? Body, language and music combine to form a choreography that leaves room for emotions. In an intimate setting with the audience, the sensitive and vulnerable moments are explored, creating a deep and honest interplay.

Concept / Direction / Performance: Murillo Basso, Anita Twarowska
Sound design: Nicolas Schulze

With the support of fabrik Potsdam as part of the program Artists in Residence. Supported by the City of Potsdam.
Many thanks to T-Werk
Duration: about 50 minutes

Premiere: 16.+ 17.01.2020 / fabrik Potsdam - Festival Made in Potsdam



Two people cross paths. You are unknown to me, and yet more unknown every moment. (...) Whatever race I might be and whatever race you might be, I’m offering you my absolute openness. (...)

Bernard-Marie Koltès

The new piece by Murillo Basso and Anita Twarowska is a quiet, courageous, intimate duet that takes the audience for an hour to a variety of encounters and interpersonal moments.

What does it mean to get to know each other? How does the contact come about? How can you approach someone openly, neutrally and without reservation?

This piece is looking for new, unexpected levels of dialogue, a clear approach to the meaning of listening, seeing, touching, feeling and speaking. The sense of communication is questioned - in terms of language and body. At the intersection of dance, theater and performance, Anita Twarowska and Murillo Basso invite the audience to embark on this quest and to make a new encounter experience themselves.

Concept / Direction / Performance: Murillo Basso, Anita Twarowska

Sound design: Nicolas Schulze

With the support of fabrik Potsdam as part of the program Artists in Residence. Supported by the City of Potsdam.

Duration: about 60 minutes

Premiere: 06. 07.+08.09.18 / fabrik Potsdam

12.+13.09.18 / Ackerstadt Palast Berlin

@Élise Scheider




Everyday all these eyes, and legs, and arms, and rhythms, and wishes, and fears. This is the thing: This is not exactly about it. But it is.


Just a few minutes, one common space, two different bodies.

This short piece plays with very simple and fundamental questions: Do you see me? Do you hear me? Do you feel me? Within those questions Anita Twarowska and Murillo Basso aim to discuss the boundaries between human beings, like how to really see each other, how to overcome the limits of the speaking language, how to share the same space and how to open new spaces in the body so the other can access a different and unexpected level of dialogue. The quality of movement emerges from the deep listening of this encounter and the subtle communication between two bodies, space and sound. As body and affection are always contingent, alterable and transitory, the piece opens space to this accidental state or quality of being present, generating always a fresh dialogue also with the audience around.


Idee/Performance: Murillo Basso, Anita Twarowska

Sound: Maria Coma


Premiere: Bits&Pieces / 04.+05.02.17 / Tanzfabrik Berlin

S.o.S. – Students on Stage / 27.+28.05.17 / ada Studio Berlin




This piece is the first independent work of Anita Twarowska, which was created for and with non-profesional performers and was presented in the frame of NITKA Festival in the fabrik Potsdam. This performance asks the question "Who are you?" and deals with the topic of identity. Through the movement the performers express their worlds, fears, expectations and dreamsThe aim of the NITKA (THREAD) Festival is to present current works of and by polish artists living in Berlin and Brandenburg. The idea of this festival comes from the need to strengthen existing art through exchange, integration, synthesis and mutual inspiration. The festival includes artistic performances in various forms of work such as theater, music, dance, performance, painting and film art.


Idea and Concept: Anita Twarowska

Performance: Petra Constantinescu, Susann Dietrich, Johanna Fallis, Daniela Lasdinat, Egbal Rezayi and Andrea Schwabe, Sara Waldmann, Mareike Philipp, Ronja Pludra, Anton Tomczak


NITKA Festival 2015 / 12.09.15 / fabrik Potsdam


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